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  od smikey3
 sob 23. kvě 2015 0:41:49
Heihachi1 píše:
Kód: Vybrat vše
pro nejrychlejšího... Free 1 week ICMIZER key for your friend, enjoy :jazyk:
Tak sem to zas nedal :angry: :lol:

někdo jinej? :fish:
  od P.i.e.t.r.o._l.
 sob 15. srp 2015 6:59:07
Ahoj. Kdo mi napíše jako první soukromou zprávu týden icmizer zdarma :D :)
  od Nivnican
 úte 9. srp 2016 16:12:17
Your new free 1 week ICMIZER access key for your friend

Your previous bonus key has expired.

Here is a new bonus key which will grant 1 week of ICMIZER access to your friend:

This key expires on 09 Nov 2016

It must be activated before this date.
How the bonus key works

Say your friend activates the key 10 days before its expiration date (09 Nov 2016). In this case it will grant 1 full week of access.

If your friend activates the key 2 days before its expiration date (09 Nov 2016), the key will only provide 2 days of ICMIZER access.

Prolongation of your own subscription using this key is impossible.
Thanks for choosing ICMIZER.
Your ICMIZER team